We want to get you involved in an ambitious project that we are launching in these days:
it is called TIME Social and is an innovative platform for budgeting and comparison, designed, developed and dedicated exclusively to insurance intermediaries.

Thanks to TIME Social from a single environment you will be able to interact with the Companies and forget about telephone, fax and applications or dedicated systems, each one different from the other: your productivity will increase exponentially and you will be able to dedicate your time to activities with greater added value.

A modern and intuitive graphic interface, whose ergonomics has been specifically designed, will guide you through the use, which will be extremely simple and does not require any training, neither for you, nor for your collaborators.

We want to help you to make your work more effective, but for us it is essential that you continue to manage your customers, leaving your relationship of trust unaltered.

Joining the TIME Social platform is very simple: you will be able to access the service from the www.timesocial.it link and in less than a minute be profiled, starting to use it immediately.

In exchange, to thank you for your trust, we have reserved an exclusive surprise for you.

So see you soon, you are online!

TIME Social